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Create a stunning interior with incredible surfacing materials.Our wallcovering selection offers an immense range of decorative products. From Mother of Pearl Tiles to Precious Metals. At Designer Walls we offer an unrivalled range of extraordinary installation art.

Sondra Alexander®

Sondra Alexander is an acclaimed designer of handmade wallcoverings.

Her imaginative wallcoverings are a result of her interest in fashion and design.

Sondra’s inspiration for wallcoverings came from her travels abroad. The weathered façade of ancient buildings inspired her to turn to the lost art of handmade wallcoverings. This gave her the ideal outlet for her creative talent and vision.

She created a studio in her home and working on large tables using various applications of stone, sand, metals and plaster. The Sondra Alexander Collection of Fine Wallcoverings were created.

Sondra’s Wallcoverings are a unique selection of artistic styles creating sensual moods within luxurious interiors. Her wallcoverings envelope interiors as if to be caressing surfaces themselves.

Sondra Alexander® Selected Samples


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